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January 7, 2019
1. These General Terms and Conditions govern the legal relationship between MUZEIKO Ltd, Sofia, and an indefinite number of customers using the services or purchasing the goods offered by Muzeiko (purchase of tickets, annual passes, vouchers for visits, etc.) as well as some legal aspects pertaining to the relations with the employees of the organization (Notification pertaining to personal data – Attachment № 1). The services described herein can be used or requested on site, on the company’s premises, located at 3 Prof. Boyan Kamenov St., or via the Internet platform, using the email addresses assigned for the respective services.
2. These General Terms and Conditions apply to the services offered by Muzeiko and are effective for the activities described below as published on Muzeiko’s website and are available to the customers at an accessible area in Muzeiko’s building.
3. Customers are to show initiative by reviewing and acquainting themselves with these General Terms and Conditions before purchasing an entry ticket or requesting the use of another service provided by Muzeiko. By purchasing a ticket and/or submitting a request for another service the customer agrees with these General Terms and Conditions and must comply with them. When requesting a group service (birthday party, school group visits, etc.), the applicant must acquaint all children, their parents and all teacher and/or parent chaperones with these Terms and Conditions and direct them to the website where they can read them.
4. For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, the terms listed below shall have the meaning given herein, as follows:
“MUZEIKO”, “Muzeiko Science Center for Children”, “Muzeiko” and “Muzeiko” shall mean MUZEIKO Ltd, Sofia, Unified Identification Code (UIC) 202772419, VAT No. BG202772419, with seat and registered address at 3Prof. Boyan Kamenov St., 1700 Sofia, represented by the manager Bistra Dobrinova Kirova-Koleva, е-mail:, telephone No. 02/902 0000;
“Customer”, “Client” and “Visitor” shall mean any person who purchases or wishes to purchase any product or service provided by Muzeiko;
“Service” shall mean an activity offered by Muzeiko against payment of a fixed price (e.g. an entry ticket, annual passes, school visit, birthday party, venue hire, etc.); the list of services offered may be changed at any time;
“Ticket” shall mean a unique document with a barcode issued in the form of a paper wristband which is fastened on the customer’s wrist and grants him or her unlimited entry opportunities into the Muzeiko Science Center for Children for the respective day;
“Annual pass” shall mean a document plastic customer card issued by Muzeikowhich grants the holder(s) unlimited admission to all Muzeiko exhibits during opening hours for a period of one year;
“Voucher” shall mean a document issued by Muzeiko, which the holder may exchange for a ticket to enter the Muzeiko Science Center for Children. The voucher certifies that a full advance payment has been made for the ticket offered by Muzeiko;
“School group” shall mean a group of pupils from the 1st through the 12thgrade and 6-year-old preschoolers from a kindergarten or a school led by teachers and/or educators;
“Birthday party” shall mean a multifaceted service that includes a theme party, a visit to the Muzeiko exhibits, and a party menu provided by a partner of Muzeiko;
“Child” shall mean a natural person who has not reached the age of 18 years;
“Student” shall mean a natural person studying at a higher educational institution for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree who has not yet reached the age of 25 years;
“Retiree” or “Senior Citizen” shall mean a natural person who is the recipient of a pension and is able to vouch for that by having a specific document;
“Person with a permanent disability” shall mean a natural person who, as result of an anatomical, physiological or mental impairment, has a permanently diminished ability to perform activities in the same way and to the same extent as a healthy person, and who has been determined to have a degree of reduced work ability or a type and degree of disability of 50% or above by the respective medical authorities;
“Website” or “Site” shall refer to the Internet platforms
5. Muzeiko reserves the right to change prices without prior notice and to amend errors in the technical or other characteristics of the products and services it provides.
6. Muzeiko is registered as a Personal Data Administrator, which allows it to handle the personal data provided by the customers and to collect and store their information in a manner that enables their identification, taking the requisite care to prevent third-party access to the stored data.
7. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions the customer indicates that he agrees to the processing of his or her personal for the purposes of providingsome of the services offered by Muzeiko when this is explicitly set out and described in the respective declarations.
8. Muzeiko acknowledges its duty to take care of all children it assumes responsibility for, including by protecting them against violations, wherefore it strictly complies with children’s rights protection laws and regulations.
9. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult on the premises of Muzeiko Science Center for Children unless agreed otherwise. One adult can accompany up to five children under the age of 12.
10. During school group visits children must be accompanied by at least one teacher. In this case, one teacher, parent or other adult can accompany up to ten children. During school visits, parents may accompany children only jointly with a teacher or teachers. School visits cannot be organized solely by parents.
11. Chaperons are responsible for the safety and well-being of the children they accompany.
12. Visitors are responsible for protecting their personal items during their visit in Muzeiko. Muzeiko cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged belongings, for possessions left unattended or locked in the lockers provided. Personal items found on Muzeiko premises may be stored, without Muzeiko’s incurring an obligation to store the found item.
13. The following acts are prohibited on the premises of Muzeiko Science Center for Children:
- bringing in and consuming foods or beverages beyond the turnstiles, with the exception of water and baby food;
- bringing in and consuming foods or beverages in the café, with the exception of cake for organized birthday parties. The cake must be accompanied by a certificate of quality and origin;
- using fountain candles, fireworks and similar items in Muzeiko Science Center for Children facilities;
- smoking, in any form and by any means in any of the Muzeiko facilities, including outdoors;
- carrying guns or other dangerous items;
- speaking loudly or engaging in any other act that causes or could cause inconvenience or a threat to the well-being or comfort of other visitors during their visit to Muzeiko; in conversing between themselves and with other visitors and Muzeiko staff visitors shall follow the rules of civility. Raising one’s voice and abusive behavior will not be tolerated;
- running among exhibits or climbing on non-designated places;
-leaving children under the age of 12 unattended or allowing them to disturb other visitors;
-disposing of waste anywhere other than the places designated for the purpose;
-walking among the exhibits with strollers may be temporarily subject to restrictions at the discretion of the on-duty manager;
-entering staff-only areas or utility spaces.
14. Visitors who fail to adhere to the rules described hereinabove will be asked to leave Muzeiko Science Center for Children even if they have purchased a ticket. In such a case Muzeiko shall not owe a refund of the amount paid for the respective service, nor any other compensations.
15. Muzeiko Science Center for Children is a site under security surveillance as defined by law. The site is protected using video surveillance tools.
16. Intoxicated persons and persons carrying bulky objects are not permitted on Muzeiko premises.
17. Visitors must protect the exhibits and facilities/installations and use them with due care. In case of damage the guilty party shall be financially liable and must reimburse Muzeiko for the full cost of repairs and/or restoration.
18. Visitors must adhere to Muzeiko’s internal rules, which apply when queuing in front of the ticket office and they are to maintaina state of cleanliness in all areas of Muzeiko’s building and in Muzeiko’sgarden.
19. With a view to ensuring the safety of all Muzeiko visitors, it is recommended to view the exhibits with care and if they need information and/or help, visitors should contact a member of staff.
20. Visitors should follow the instructions on the signs placed in Muzeiko as well as staff’s directions.
21. A stroller park and secure lockers for storing personal belongings are provided for visitors’ use.
22. If a visitor loses, damages or breaks his or her locker key, he or she will be charged for its replacement. Prior to opening the locker, the visitor must describe in detail the items stored inside in order to get them back.
23. Entry into the Muzeiko Science Center for Children is a service that can be granted through purchase of a ticket unless otherwise provided in these General Terms and Conditions.
24. Ticket prices are inclusive of Value Added Tax and are established unilaterally by Muzeiko based on various criteria (day of the week, visitor’s age, public holidays, etc.). Current ticket prices are listed in a visible space at the ticket office at Muzeiko Science Center for Children and on its website.
25. The ticket become valid only after it is fastened around the visitor’s wrist in a way that does not allow its replacement or removal without damaging its integrity. A destroyed ticket (torn wristband) cannot be re-issued.
26. Once the ticket has been issued, it cannot be exchanged for a ticket for a different day and/or visitor category, nor can its price for purchase be refunded, unless as explicitly provided for by these General Terms and Conditions.
27. Visitors must fasten the wristband ticket in a way that does not allow its removal without damaging its integrity. They must also keep their tickets from the moment of purchase until the end of their visit. Muzeiko cannot be held responsible for stolen, lost, destroyed or damaged rickets and is under no obligation to re-issue such rickets or refund their purchase price.
28. Muzeiko staff members will deny or revoke access to Muzeiko Science Center for Children to any person without a wristband ticket fastened on his or her wrist or to a person who presents a torn or otherwise manipulated ticket when inspected.
29. When access to Muzeiko Science Center for Children is prevented for technical reasons during working hours and provided that no more than two hours have passed since the purchase of the ticket, the customer may avail him- or herself of one of the following options:
- the customer may request a full refund of the entry ticket’s purchase price;
- the issued entry ticket may be re-issued for another day, depending on Muzeiko’s capacity and the customer’s wishes;
To exercise his or her rights under this clause, the customer must produce a valid ticket for the respective day and a receipt to the ticket office staff at Muzeiko.
30. Muzeiko shall not owe the customer a refund of the purchase price of the ticket if two (2) or more hours have passed between the purchase of the ticket and the time in which the person has started facing issues accessing the exhibits. In such cases, Muzeiko does not offer any compensation pertaining to transport and accommodation costs, expenses for food and drink, etc.
31. A ticket allows access to the Muzeiko Science Center for Children and is valid for the day it was purchased or validated at the ticket office. In certain cases and under certain circumstances a ticket may be valid for a fixed period of time, with the relevant terms and conditions announced at an easily accessible site.
32. A ticket contains the following data:
-information regarding the name of the company;
-unique barcode and identification number.
33. Tickets cannot be returned or exchanged for other products or services and cannot be transferred to third parties.
34. The program announced beforehand in Muzeiko’s events’ calendar is subject to changes at any moment in time, with the company not being liable for any penalties or compensations.
35. The entrance fee for the children’s museum Muzeiko may vary based on the profile of the visitors, for whom the tickets are issued, as well as depending on the specific days and hours chosen in addition to other criteria, as deemed suitable by Muzeiko;
36. Muzeiko shall establish regular prices for weekdays, weekends, public holidays and national holidays as well as for different user categories and under certain conditions, which are announced as part of the price list of Muzeiko;
37. The most up-to-date price list is to be featured prominently at the cashier’s desks at Muzeiko and is published on the website of the company.
38. Muzeiko offers ticket discounts for the following categories of people as well as under the conditions described below:
▪discount for children under the age of 2 years – an entrance ticket for the price of BGN 0.00. All natural persons who have not reached the age of 2 years and confirm their status by showing a document verifying their age, are eligible for this discount;
▪discount for students – all students who have not yet turned 25 are eligible for this discount against a valid ISIC card or another document showing student status;
▪discount for senior citizens – any retired persons who can prove their status as a retiree with a valid document;
▪discount for persons with permanent disability – an entrance ticket for the price of BGN 0.00. Any persons with a permanent disability as defined in § 1, item 2 of the Additional Provisions of the Integration of Persons with Disabilities Act whocan verify their status with a valid document are eligible for this discount. The people who accompany a person with permanent disability purchase a ticket for a price that is determined in accordance with their eligibility for a discount based on the abovementioned general conditions;
▪discount for persons with permanent disability who are impaired in their movement and need a wheelchair or are allowed a caregiver – once the status of the person with the disability (including the need for an accompanying caregiver) has been verified, these persons and the people who accompany them are able to purchase an entrance ticket for the price of BGN 0.00, provided that the caregiver is an adult who is able to take care of them and assist them;
▪discount for teachers accompanying school groups – for every school group of 10 or more children one teacher is admitted free of charge (with a BGN 0.00 ticket), after he or she verifies his or her status as a chaperon and supervisor of a school group;
▪discount for teachers accompanying groups from kindergartens - for every group of 5 or more children, one teacher who accompanies the group and is in charge of it, is admitted with a BGN 0.00 ticket, after he or she verifies his or her status as a chaperon and supervisor of such a group;
▪combined tickets, for which a select group of people is eligible (for example, parents and friends):
- for four people, with the number of adults in the group not exceeding 2;
- for 3 people – 1 adult and 2 children.
39. The discounts for which persons with permanent disability are eligible also apply to children from school groups who are part of organized visits;
40. Discounts cannot be combined and the persons who would like to make use of them need to establish the capacity in which they are applying for the respective discount (for example, their age, their status as a student, pupil, retiree, and so on) with one or more valid documents issued in Bulgarian or in exceptional cases in English;
41. In case a person who requests a discount from the price of the ticket is not able to provethat he or she has a right to make use of it, the person will not be allowed to purchase such a ticket, and if the purchase has already taken place, the person will not be able to access the exhibits of the Muzeiko Science Center for Children, unless he or she pays the difference in price between the regular and discount fee;
42. Regarding certain time intervals, days in which visits take place and/or specific events, the company retains the right to set different prices for tickets or specify different conditions, which will be announced at a prominent place.
43. The science show programs run at the Planetarium are suitable for children over the age of 6 years.
44. Seats at the Planetarium are limited and tickets for the shows are sold separately.
45. A ticket to Planetarium science shows is only available with a ticket to Muzeiko purchased for the respective day.
46. Tickets to Planetarium shows cannot be discounted, nor can its purchase price be refunded.
47. Planetarium show programs are subject to copyright protection and therefore cannot be recorded.
48. Children over the age of 6 may visit the Planetarium without a chaperon, provided that the chaperon waits for the end of the Planetarium show nearby, so that he or she can take care of the child at the end of the show, or if it is necessary during the show.
49. Muzeiko offers its visitors passes for multiple visits, as follows:
- annual passes;
- seasonal passes –  “summer” and “winter”, which are valid for specific periods of the year that are announced beforehand by the company;
50. Annual and seasonal passes are issued after the filling of an application by the customer and according to a corresponding fixed price.
51. An annual pass grants its holder an admission to Muzeiko Children’s Museum for a period of one year under the conditions applicable onthe day of the visit.
52. A seasonal card grants its holder an admission to Muzeiko Children’s Museum for a period of 90 days under the conditions applicable on the day of the visit.
53. Students who hold annual or seasonal passes will not use the discounts for school group visits.
54. The full name of the holder is printed on the annual pass.
55. Annual and seasonal passes grant holders an admission to the exhibits in Muzeiko Science Center for Children on working days and are valid only with an ID.
56. Muzeiko issues the following types of annual passes:
- for a child over the age of 2 years or a student;
- for an adult (over the age of 18 years);
- family pass for 3 people;
- family pass for 4 people;
- family pass for  5 or more people (the number of adults should not exceed 3, up to 7 people in total);
57. A “Flex” card for a child and a chaperone - one child (between the ages of 2 and 18), on whose name the card will be issued, and a chaperon of one’s choice are eligible for it. This type of card is issued for a period of one year and on the day of each visit, wristbands granting access to the child and the chaperon are also provided.
58. Muzeiko issues the following types of annual passes:
- child pass (over the age of 2 years);
- adult pass (over the age of 18 years);
59. Annual and seasonal passes grant holders an admission, but they are not tickets. For each visit, the customer will receive a ticket from the Muzeiko’s ticket office upon a relevant pass and an ID.
60. Annual and seasonal passes cannot be returned or exchanged for other products or services and cannot be transferred to third parties.
61. Annual and seasonal passes are individual (issued to a specific person or family members). They cannot be reassigned to new holder(s).
62. Family annual passes grant admission to listed family members, at least one of whom must be a child.
63. An annual pass grants the holder a 5% discount off the regular prices of the gift shop merchandize. The discount does not apply to discounted items, vouchers or additional supplies for products (e.g., batteries).
64. An annual pass grants the holder a 5% discount off the regular price of the Birthday Party service as well as other services offered by Muzeiko, if this is explicitly provided in the terms and conditions of their use. This discount cannot be used in combination with other discounts and is applicable only if the card is presented with an identity document.
65. A lost or destroyed annual or seasonal pass may be reissued after paying a fee and if Muzeiko has been informed in a timely manner.
66. When purchasing an annual or seasonal pass, the customer will provide Muzeiko with the information necessary for the issuance of the respective pass, including personal data of the respective members.
67. The customer/client assumes the full risk of pass damage or loss after receiving it.
68. Annual passes are issued for a period of one year and seasonal - for a period of three months and are effective from the date of issue until the respective day of the following year or respectively the day of the third month inclusive.
69. The customer must immediately notify Muzeiko in case of lossof a pass.
70. Muzeiko offers and sells vouchers for tickets. Vouchers must be redeemed within a specific period of time which is printed on the back.
71. A voucher’s price equals the total amount inclusive of all taxes and charges accrued on the transaction. A voucher may be used as a payment method exclusivelyfor purchasing tickets at cash registers at Muzeiko’s point of sale.
72. The value of a ticket voucher is fixed and does not change depending on the day of the actual use of the service (visit). One ticket voucher is redeemable for one ticket.
73. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash. Vouchers may not be paid back in cash or transferred against payment. A lost, destroyed or expired voucher will not be restored or replaced with a new one.
74. One voucher may be used to make one payment.
75. If the price of the ticket is lower than the nominal value of the voucher, the customer may not receive the difference as change.
76. A valid voucher is any voucher that has the relevant requisites – color, embossed stamp “Muzeiko“, seal and date, as well as readable label "Voucher for a one-time visit to Muzeiko for Adult / Child“. In case of illegiblе, stained оr damaged signs as well as damaged integrity, voucher acceptancecould be denied. In case of fraud, attempted fraud or suspicion of another illegal activity in connection with the purchase and/or use of vouchers as a payment method, Muzeiko may void the voucher and demand an alternative method of payment.
77. The voucher is owned by the holder. The holder should announce his or her intention to pay with a voucher in a timely fashion.
78. Muzeiko cannot be held responsible for lost or destroyed vouchers.
79. From Tuesday through Friday Muzeiko organizes theme programs for school groups as a complex service provided for a fixed price.
80. The theme programs are designed for pupils in the primary and lower secondary levels of education (1st through 8th grade) and are developed in alignment with school curricula in order to support and illustrate the study process.
81. Muzeiko will determine the maximum number of pupils allowed in the various groups.
82. The price of the service under this Section includes:
- Meeting the children at the designated time;
- A theme program relevant to the curriculum the children follow in school; or a Guided Tour through the Muzeiko exhibits;
- In-house hosts or tour guides;
- One teacher (responsible for accompanying the group) for every 10 children
83. The guided tour or exhibit trail is another form of group visit available to school groups. It has a duration of two (2) hours and includes a tour of the exhibits led by an expert from Muzeiko.
84. Muzeiko also organizes off-site theme programs in various schools.
85. The services under this Section are provided once a written request form has been approved. The exact blueprint, accessible on the website of Muzeiko, must have been followed.
86. The price for providing the services under this Section is determined in accordance with the number of children who have participated in the program.
87. The organized school group visits are not to be combined with other Services, provided by the company (e.g. yearly passes and others).
88. The request form must be duly filled in, providing details about the children’s number and ages, any additional services requested, information about the teacher supervising the group as well as any other information required for organizing the visit.
89. Request forms will be accepted and processed only if sent to email or submitted in person at Muzeiko’s address at least 10 days prior to the date of the visit.
90. By filling in and sending (submitting) the request form, the customer states that he or she has read and agrees to these General Terms and Conditions and shall notify the children who are part of the group and their parents of these guidelines.
91. Within three working days of receiving the application Muzeiko shall send a reply in writing to the applicant. The reply may be a confirmation or a refusal, depending on the circumstances and the capacities of both parties.
92. The application shall be considered approved upon sending a written confirmation by Muzeiko. Only then shall Muzeiko be under an obligation to provide the service.
93. The price of the service under this Section does not cover transportation, food or other additional services except the ones described hereinabove.
94. Payment may be made in advance via bank transfer or in cash at Muzeiko’s cash register on the day of the visit.
95. An application may be amended up to ten days before the day of the visit, after a confirmation in writing by Muzeiko.
96. Muzeiko organizes birthday parties for children as a complex service provided for a fixed price in accordance with certain age-related and seasonal restrictions.
97. Children under 6, attending at the party must be accompanied during their entire stay at Muzeiko. Presence of at least one parent during the children’s stay at Muzeiko is compulsory.
98. The maximum number of children that is able to participate in a birthday party is determined by the capacity of the halls, the necessary supplies as well as the type of program that has been chosen, and thus cannot be exceeded.
99. In view of the safety and comfort of the children, the company reserves the right to apply age-related, seasonal or other restrictions for the various programs, as well as restrictions pertaining to the number of the children who can take part in the respective type of party.
100. Muzeiko reserves the right to refuse to provide the service described under this section in case the maximum acceptable number of participants (guests) is exceeded and/or if the children are not of the age required for the program that has been chosen. Should such a situation arise, the monetary amount that has been paid in advance is not refundable.
101. The price of this service is a bundle price and includes the organizing of a theme party on the Muzeiko premises after a program chosen in advance, all the necessary materials needed for the party, and the Muzeiko staff members who will be in charge of the party.
102. 93. Muzeiko has the right to set up a higher price for the program when the number of children exceeds the maximum number of participants (guests).
103. The price of the service under this section is based on the number of children and the program that has been chosen. In order for a request form that is under this section to be processed, the company retains the right to determine the minimum and maximum number of children who are to attend the party.
104. The service is provided based on a request form filled in by a parent and including details about the child, the number of guests and any additional services required. By filling in and submitting the request form, the customer states that he or she has read and agrees to these General Terms and Conditions.
105. Confirmation of a birthday party booking shall be sent only after receiving an advance payment of the price of the service. Payment may be made via bank transfer or in cash at a Muzeiko cash register.
106. The date of the birthday party as requested may be amended up to five days before the day the party is scheduled to take place and provided that there is a vacancy for the new date requested.
107. In case of cancellation of a birthday party booking not later than 5 days prior to the scheduled date for the party, 50% of the advance payment shall be refunded. No refunds will be issued for parties cancelled later than 5 days prior to the scheduled date.
108. The parties’ liability relating to or arising from non-performance of the clauses hereof shall be limited financially to the price paid by the customers for the respective services.
109. For any issues not addressed in these General Terms and Conditions the provisions of the applicable Bulgarian laws and regulations shall apply.
110. Muzeiko maintains a register of complaints. Complaints are received at any time during Muzeiko Science Center for Children’s working hours at Muzeiko’s registered address.
111. In case of a dispute between Muzeiko and the customers using the services it offers, the parties shall use all reasonable efforts to resolve it through negotiation based on mutual respect. If agreement cannot be reached, the dispute may be brought before a competent Bulgarian court in Sofia.
112. Customers must adhere to the rules established and introduced by Muzeiko. In case of failure to adhere to the rules as announced, Muzeiko may terminate the provision of the services.
113. The language of negotiation shall be Bulgarian and all payments shall be made in Bulgarian lev.
114. Muzeiko may unilaterally amend these General Terms and Conditions at any time effective as of the date of publication of these amendments on the Muzeiko website and/or in a place that is accessible to the users at the address of governance of the company.
115. The current General Terms and Conditions as well as the Notification pertaining to Personal Data – Attachment № 1 enclosed to the current general terms and conditions determine the whole nature of the agreement between you and us and replace all the previous conditions effective from the date of their publishing on the website of the company.
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